„Die für uns überraschenden Ergebnisse aus der Zusammenarbeit mit SIT wurden weltweit Standard für unsere Produktionsanlagen. Wir bräuchten viel mehr von diesen Programmen und ich ermutige meine jüngeren Führungskräftekollegen mit SIT effizient und schnell umsetzbare Lösungen zu erarbeiten.“ (Armin U., Produktionsleiter, BASF)

“The SIT tools and principles were immediately appealing as they gave employees a step-bystep path to follow to find a solution we may not have considered otherwise. One of the strongest reasons I can give for why our relationship with SIT has been so successful is because they care about the results just as much as we do.“ (Marty Smith, President, Pearson Education)

Our profitability has increased sharply. Our brand name is strong in our market and associated with innovation. Our customers like and respect us, and a couple of Patent attorneys have gotten much richer – all as a result of the SIT process in Kapro. (Paul Steiner, Managing Director, Kapro Industries)