strategy. innovation. transformation.

As an internationally operating innovation and consulting partner, the development of future projects with your teams is lived practice for us. We guide you and each of your employees to a sovereign solution level and identify undiscovered market potentials, which we creatively exploit before competitors revolutionize your market.

The overarching goal of our consulting services is to equip you and your employees with marketable strategies, the SIT methods and immediately implementable solutions or transfomative business models so that you can react more quickly to changes, achieve your entrepreneurial goals and thus sustainably secure the future of your company.

We implement the necessary innovation-promoting behaviour in your organisation so that you agilely and courageously leave well-trodden paths and develop into an innovation platform. In doing so, we accelerate the learning process in order to monetise your added customer value in the shortest possible time.


We provide you with our methodical knowledge and many years of know-how in a professional and exciting way and promote your problem-solving competence for immediate and sustainable success!